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October 4, 2021

Bowler-hat wearing ghost, Cappuccino, floats through a spooky cemetery.

Some years ago, for 24 Hour Comic Day, I wrote a story featuring Cappuccino. And though I pencilled the whole thing, I never did finish inking it, because the story itself was kind of boring. There were parts of it I quite liked, with Cappuccino investigating a jewel heist, but the main plot, such as it was, was slow and trite.

This year, I wasn't prepared to draw much, but I did want to write something to work on over the next few months. And I decided to revisit this Cappuccino story, keeping the parts I liked, and changing the parts that weren't working. I'm pretty happy with the resulting script, and I plan to release it as a minicomic early next year.

You can look forward to seeing a few spooks from the ghost party, and another of those ghosts will be making an appearance in the regular comics very soon!