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July 22, 2022

Hello, apologies for the lack of prior notice, but Tile is going on a two month hiatus. We will return September 26, 2022.

October 4, 2021

Bowler-hat wearing ghost, Cappuccino, floats through a spooky cemetery.

Some years ago, for 24 Hour Comic Day, I wrote a story featuring Cappuccino. And though I pencilled the whole thing, I never did finish inking it, because the story itself was kind of boring. There were parts of it I quite liked, with Cappuccino investigating a jewel heist, but the main plot, such as it was, was slow and trite.

This year, I wasn't prepared to draw much, but I did want to write something to work on over the next few months. And I decided to revisit this Cappuccino story, keeping the parts I liked, and changing the parts that weren't working. I'm pretty happy with the resulting script, and I plan to release it as a minicomic early next year.

You can look forward to seeing a few spooks from the ghost party, and another of those ghosts will be making an appearance in the regular comics very soon!

September 20, 2021

Hello again! Here we are, more than 10 years later!

I was never fully able to leave Tile behind, and having completed the set of six planned Tile books, I feel ready to come back to webcomic updates. ♡

If you are new to Tile, Welcome! You can read the original webcomic archive here, but rest assured it will do very little to explain things in the new comics. Let me know in the chatbox if you are new to Tile, or if she is an old friend!

We're beginning with updates on Mondays and Fridays, posted here of course, and you can subscribe to the RSS if you use an RSS reader.

Comics will additionally be posted on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram if you would prefer to follow one of those places and/or share with your friends.

See you again soon!

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